Police Motorcycle Hire for TV and Film


We provide the right bikes from our fleet of modern police and paramedic motorcycles, fully equipped, with correctly uniformed riders for a wide range of productions, anywhere in the UK. We can also provide Military Police bikes and uniforms.
Our riders are fully experienced and trained in film and TV work and have an enviable reputation.
Don't call 999 - Call 07831 520 485 or lee.fng@btinternet.com
Recent Film and TV credits include:
Luther (TV)
The Bill (TV)
The Traitor (film)
SUMMIT (film)
Crime Writers Awards
Luther (TV)
Gun Rush (TV)
The Palace (TV)
Silent Witness (TV)
Spooks (TV)
Lewis (TV)
Country Life Butter (advert)
Bollywood, film
Weetabix, advert
Blackberry, promo
The Jury
Case Sensitive
Olympics, advert
VW, promo
Just arrived - a very rare and Genuine current issue French Gendarmerie motorcycle - ready for tv and hire -with Gendarmerie uniformed rider!
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Police Motorcycles with Uniformed Drivers